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The innovative telemark database allows a client direct access in real-time to view the progress of a campaign. It also allows for updating of records with comments, instructions and allocation of a future date for contact to be made. Below is a brief overview of how the database works with snap shots of the interface.

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To Gain Access click on the link below:

telemark database

User id - 740901
Password - jimmy

In the main menu there are seven client options with direct access to each record, click to access records.

  • Call Summary - Weekly level with outcome of calls.
  • Leads - Calls that have resulted in client action being required.
    • Hot - where a company has a particular, specific or immediate interest and requires contact by client.
    • Info - a request for information.
    • A red cross signifies client actions have not been completed, a green tick signifies they have.
    • Client Action Update - Comments are added and a date selected for a follow-up call. (Other functions are also available).
  • Leads History - Leads that have been actioned by the client.
  • Closed Leads - No further progress.
  • Converted Customers - Resulting in dialogue.
  • Forward Plans - Leads scheduled to be called in the next 12 months and beyond.
  • Search For Customer - With five field searches.